World of Warcraft receives a new expansión: Chains of Domination

World of Warcraft receives a new expansión: Chains of Domination

World of Warcraft Shadowlands will receive its 9.1 update soon. This was announced at BlizzCon 2021, the annual event in which Activision Blizzard announces all the news of its most important games for the rest of the year.

Chains of Domination is the new expansion coming soon to WoW Shadowlands. It will be loaded with content that will dramatically expand the experience of this legendary MMORPG.

SPOILER ALERT: In the next paragraph of the article we will talk about some events related to the main plot of the title and if you do not want to find out about anything before playing it, we recommend that you do not read it.

Now, Sylvanas has teamed up with the Jailer and has a new target: Anduin. In the Chains of Domination presentation video, we can see how the Golden Haired King becomes the new Lich King and begins to unleash chaos in Bastion. The King is able to easily eliminate Archont Kyrestia and, therefore, the Jailer secures one of the four mysterious keys so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

With this story will begin this patch 9.1, in which we will also see the union of the four curiae and the renewed forces of the allies after the fall of Sir Denathrius in the last battle.

Factions must venture into Korthia, a new area where players will find daily quests, bosses and activities that will keep them entertained 24/7.

On the other hand, two new dungeons will also be added: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market and the Sanctum of Domination.

The first of these is a great dungeon of very high difficulty that will have eight bosses and will be located in the Speculators’ bazaar. The rewards of this dungeon will be a lot of weapons, pets and a mount.

On the other hand, Sanctum of Domination will be a dungeon with 10 new bosses that can be completed in four different difficulties. Inside you’ll find well-known characters like Kel’Thuzad and Sylvanas, so you already have an idea of how difficult it will be to overcome it on its maximum difficulty.

Torghast will not receive much news.

This section will only receive new areas, powers and enemies, but it does not seem that these will alter the game experience too much or introduce a new mechanic that completely changes what happens in this tower.

Of course, everything indicates that getting gold will continue to be as important as ever. Remember that you can buy WoW gold at goldpiles online with real money to acquire those accessories you need so much without wasting so much time playing and collecting the required coins.

On the other hand, the official World of Warcraft page indicates that Chains of Domination will also introduce changes to the PvP system at the beginning of season 2.

Specifically, the PvP talents of the characters will be balanced and new more interesting rewards will be included for all players. Additionally, a new affix will also be added for the patch-themed dungeons and higher-level equippable items.

For now, we have to wait a little longer to know the exact release date of Chains of Domination and all this enormous amount of content that will expand the argument of this title.

WoW Shadowlands is now available on Microsoft Windows PC and MAC OS.