Are you a teenager with a high-level of maturity?

Have you ever took a mental age test to determine your IQ? The following quizpin article on mental age test psychology defines how all tests work based on a few questions.


What is the mental age?


The scoring pattern that chronologically defines your intelligence based on your age and performance in the quiz. The calculated mental age is known as Intelligence Quotient (IQ).


Formula to Calculate IQ


IQ = (Your Intelligence Age/Original Age) *100


What does IQ measure?


It is a strategy to measure the person’s reasoning ability based on some information and logical questions or predictions. The quotient also helps measures the efficacy of an individual’s short and long-term memory. Besides, it helps assess your puzzle-solving capacity.


How to Test IQ?


It is a test framed to show the intellectual aptitude of a person in chronological order. The calculated results using the above formula does not consider age as a significant criterion. 


Model Children Psychology Test Score Table


The score corresponds to pre-defined intelligence statements, which are as follows,


Score: 145-160 

Inference: Your child is highly gifted


Score: 130-144

Inference: Your child has advanced IQ


Score: 120-129

Inference: Higher Intelligence level


Score: 110-119

Inference: Your child’s IQ is a high average


Score: 90-109

Inference: Average IQ


Score: 80-89

Inference: Your child’s Intelligence Quotient is a low average


Score: 70-79

Inference: Your child is experiencing borderline IQ levels


Score: 55-69

Inference: Please take care of your little one’s mild impairments


Score: 40-54

Inference: IQ is slightly impaired


Right Setting for Tests


Experts recommend the tests to be conducted at fixed and a private venue, which varies on the mental field and type of Intelligence Quotient Test. Few practical tests require paper, while experts deploy cubes and cards to conduct performance tests.


Professionals recommend removing any possible distractions that may cause variations in results. For instance, the kid should not have an urge to go to the restroom or be hungry while answering the test.It is better to go to a psychiatrist’s private clinic to gain accurate intelligence inferences.


Related Concepts to Mental age test


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


It displays the individual’s verbal ability and social relationships.


Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)


It is the average of EQ and IQ. It tests our creative and verbal intelligence to derive the results.




The above-profiled quizpin short read on mental age test psychology throws some insights into the definition of IQ and a model scoring pattern and inferences